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    • Creating a fine-grained corpus for a less-resourced language: the case of Kurdish 

      Omer Abdulrahman, Roshna; Hassani, Hossein; Ahmadi, Sina (NUI Galway, 2019-07-28)
      Kurdish is a less-resourced language consisting of different dialects written in various scripts. Approximately 30 million people in different countries speak the language. The lack of corpora is one of the main obstacles ...
    • Towards electronic lexicography for the Kurdish language 

      Ahmadi, Sina; Hassani, Hossein; McCrae, John P. (eLex 2019, 2019-10-01)
      This paper describes the development of lexicographic resources for Kurdish and provides a lexical model for this language. Kurdish is considered a less-resourced language, and currently, lacks machine-readable lexical ...