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    • FinSentiA: sentiment analysis in English financial microblogs 

      Gaillat, Thomas; Sousa, Annanda; Zarrouk, Manel; Davis, Brian (NUI Galway, 2018-05-14)
      The objective of this paper is to report on the building of a Sentiment Analysis (SA) system dedicated to financial microblogs in English. The purpose of our work is to build a financial classifier that predicts the sentiment ...
    • Implicit and explicit aspect extraction in financial microblogs 

      Gaillat, Thomas; Stearns, Bernardo; McDermott, Ross; Sridhar, Gopal; Zarrouk, Manel; Davis, Brian (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2018-07-15)
      This paper focuses on aspect extraction which is a sub-task of Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. The goal is to report an extraction method of financial aspects in microblog messages. Our approach uses a stock-investment ...
    • The SSIX corpora: three gold standard corpora for sentiment analysis in English, Spanish and German financial microblogs 

      Gaillat, Thomas; Zarrouk, Manel; Freitas, André; Davis, Brian (European Language Resources Association, 2018-05-07)
      This paper introduces the three SSIX corpora for sentiment analysis. These corpora address the need to provide annotated data for supervised learning methods. They focus on stock-market related messages extracted from two ...