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    • Contribution behaviours in systems development - a position paper 

      Coyle, Sharon; Conboy, Kieran; Acton, Thomas (2009-12-02)
      This development research paper explores concepts associated with contribution behaviours. Contribution, in its simplest context occurs in organization settings where employees share knowledge with one another. Usually, ...
    • The Effectiveness of Decision Support Systems on Mobile Devices 

      Acton, Thomas; van der Heijden, Hans; Golden, William (2008-11-26)
      This paper reports the results of an experiment as part of a study assessing the impact of decision aid use on performance-based decision-making. We examine the effect of a single- user decision support mechanism for ...
    • Presenting data for team-based decision-making in agile information systems projects 

      Halonen, Raija; Acton, Thomas; Conboy, Kieran (2009)
      Although there are a number of purported benefits of agile systems development methods over traditional forms, many in the Information Systems Development (ISD) community highlight the difficulties that the dynamic, turbulent ...