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    • Overcoming Barriers to Well-Being in Ireland: 2012 Conference Report 

      Hogan, Michael (Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway, 2013-06-08)
      [no abstract available]
    • A Paradoxical Perspective on Contradictions in Agile Software Development 

      Wang, Xiaofeng; O'Conchuir, Eoin; Vidgen, Richard (2008)
      An ongoing debate on agile methods focuses on the contradictions in software development, especially responding to change vs. following a plan, and people vs. processes. Unlike the ¿either-or¿ perspective adopted in the ...
    • People Management and innovation in Ireland 

      Heffernan, Margaret; Harney, Brian; Cafferkey, Kenny; Dundon, Tony (2008-01)
      The People Management and Innovation survey reports findings from 165 of the top performing organisations in Ireland. The picture that emerges from the analysis suggests a moderate to low take-up of a full-blown High ...
    • People over process: key people challenges in agile development 

      Coyle, Sharon; Conboy, Kieran (IEEE, 2010-09-02)
      There is a common perception that, while there may be some 'teething' problems experienced during the initial transition to agile, people are much happier, engaged and ultimately more productive in these environments. ...
    • People over process: the implications of agile for IS skills 

      Conboy, Kieran; Coyle, Sharon (2009)
      Agile approaches to information systems development have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more IS organisations are eager to capitalise on the alleged opportunities and benefits they provide. ...
    • Performance Management of Agile Software Development Teams 

      Lohan, Garry; Lang, Michael; Conboy, Kieran (2010)
      Around the same time as the emergence of agile methods as a formalized concept, the management accounting literature introduced the concept of Beyond Budgeting as a performance management model for a changing business ...
    • A pilot study of the duration of GP consultations in Ireland 

      Pierse, Tom; Barry, Luke; Glynn, Liam; Quinlan, Diarmuid; Murphy, Andrew; O'Neill, Ciaran (BMC (part of Springer Nature), 2019-12-01)
      General practitioner (GP)-led primary care is the linchpin of health care in Ireland. Reflecting international trends, there are increasing concerns about the sustainability of the current Irish GP service due to an ...
    • Practice-related research methods as part of scientific information systems research 

      Halonen, Raija (Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 2009)
      This article discusses the importance of research methods in scientific information systems research. To limit the approach, the emphasis is laid on practice-driven research methods. While the nature of `research¿ is ...
    • Pragmatic approach in IS projects grounded on recognised frameworks 

      Halonen, Raija (2008)
      This paper stands for IS projects that are carried out practionally, using action-oriented approach and by grounding on recognised frameworks to serve as a foundation for better IS research. We introduce two different IS ...
    • Presenting data for team-based decision-making in agile information systems projects 

      Halonen, Raija; Acton, Thomas; Conboy, Kieran (2009)
      Although there are a number of purported benefits of agile systems development methods over traditional forms, many in the Information Systems Development (ISD) community highlight the difficulties that the dynamic, turbulent ...
    • Presenting the un-presentable: how to display data for decision making 

      Acton, Thomas; van der Heijden, Hans; Golden, William (2008-10-20)
      A concern with computer systems is how best to present onscreen data. This can be particularly problematic for large quantities of data and in contexts of organisational and managerial decision making. Another concern ...
    • Project failure en masse: a study of loose budgetary control in ISD projects 

      Conboy, Kieran (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010-05-18)
      This paper investigates the tightness of budgetary control over projects in a large systems development multinational. This represents a case of extreme information systems development (ISD) failure en masse, where all but ...
    • Project Management in Information Systems Development 

      Lohan, Garry (2009)
      Although there is a growing body of literature concerned with the adoption of agile software development within a large organization, there is still very little in terms of empirical research of practice. This research ...
    • Project Management in Information Systems Development 

      Lohan, Garry; Lang, Michael; Conboy, Kieran (2010)
    • Project managers - do they need to be certified? 

      McHugh, Orla; Hogan, Mairéad (Springer, 2009-12-16)
      The purpose of this study is to examine the drivers behind the certification of project managers in Irish organisations, to identify the benefits and drawbacks of project management certification and to determine whether ...
    • Proposing a formalised model for mindful information systems offshoring 

      Costello, Gabriel; Donnelan, Brian (Springer Verlag, 2009-10-26)
      The central thesis of this paper is that Mathematical Economics can provide a novel approach to the examination of offshoring business decisions and provide an impetus for future research in the area. A growing body of ...
    • Public sector IT outsourcing: a framework for evaluating risk 

      Scott, Murray (IFIP, 2010-08-30)
      A recent trend has seen the significant growth of governments outsourcing IT projects to private sector partners. However, despite the high risk of failure in public sector IT projects, the literature on outsourcing risks ...
    • Reconsidering the exclusion of metaphysics in human geography 

      Grimes, Seamus (Fabrizio Serra Editore, 1997-05)
      From its beginning as a systematic branch of knowledge, human geography was strongly influenced by developments in the other branches of the social sciences. Once a predominantly descriptive and ideographic discipline, ...
    • Reflecting with the Delone & McClean Model 

      Halonen, Raija (2011)
      This paper introduces a new approach to utilise the information system success model developed by DeLone and McLean. In practice, the new approach was to illustrate an information system project retrospectively and by ...
    • Rethinking the Interplay of Feminism and Secularism in a Neo-Secular Age 

      Reilly, Niamh (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011-03-16)
      The need to re-examine established ways of thinking about secularism and its relationship to feminism has arisen in the context of the confluence of a number of developments including: the increasing dominance of the 'clash ...