The Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change applies a multi-perspective research approach to business and social issues, with an impact-led focus at the core of its endeavours. One of its key values is the promotion of a sustainable and inclusive society, influenced by the broad dissemination of rigorous and relevant research. Furthermore, the Whitaker Institute seeks to continue the tradition at NUI Galway of critically pursuing knowledge discovery that stimulates academic debates and opens public conversation to advance the greater good.

The Institute is named in honour of eminent economist and former Secretary of the Department of Finance, Dr. T.K. Whitaker, who played a central role in devising the economic plan that set Ireland on the road to regeneration in the early 1960s. Drawing inspiration from his unparalleled service to Ireland, the newly formed Whitaker Institute has over 200 members and serves as the country¿s largest research body focused on contemporary and relevant business, social and policy issues.

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