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  • An abstract framework for modeling argumentation in virtual communities 

    Groza, Tudor; Handschuh, Siegfried; Breslin, John G.; Decker, Stefan (IGI Global, 2009)
    Classic argumentative discussions can be found in a variety of domains from traditional scientific publishing to today’s modern social software. An interactive argumentative discussion usually consists of an initial ...
  • Integrating tagging into the web of data: Overview and combination of existing tag ontologies 

    Kim, Hak-Lae; Scerri, Simon; Passant, Alexandre; Breslin, John G.; Handschuh, Siegfried; Decker, Stefan; Kim, Hong-Gee (Taiwan Academic Network, 2011-07)
    As the number of social websites offering tagging facilities increases, tagging has become not only a common basis for user participation, but also an important aspect of social content. Tagging is primarily based on the ...