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    • Accessing Cultural Heritage using the Web of Data 

      Jankowski, Jacek; Cobos, Yolanda; Hausenblas, Michael; Decker, Stefan (2009)
      Cultural Heritage (CH) is a vast domain, where sharing information is challenging. As a result, the global CH is distributed and heterogeneous. In this paper, we present the concept of the Web of Data as an approach to ...
    • Interlinking Multimedia: How to Apply Linked Data Principles to Multimedia Fragments 

      Hausenblas, Michael (2009)
      In this paper, we introduce interlinking multimedia (iM), a pragmatic way to apply the linked data principles to fragments of multimedia items. We report on use cases showing the need for retrieving and describing multimedia ...
    • Understanding Linked Open Data as a Web-Scale Database 

      Hausenblas, Michael; Karnstedt, Marcel (2010)
      While Linked Open Data (LOD) has gained much attention in the recent years, requirements and the challenges concerning its usage from a database perspective are lacking. We argue that such a perspective is crucial for ...