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  • EUREEKA: Deepening the Semantic Web by More Efficient Emergent Knowledge Representation and Processing 

    Nováček, Vít (CEUR-WS, 2008)
    One of the major Semantic Web challenges is the knowledge acquisition bottleneck. New content on the web is produced much faster than the respective machine readable annotations, while a scalable knowledge extraction ...
  • Imprecise Empirical Ontology Refinement: Application to Taxonomy Acquisition 

    Nováček, Vít (INSTICC, 2007)
    The significance of uncertainty representation has become obvious in the Semantic Web community recently. This paper presents new results of our research on uncertainty incorporation into ontologies created automatically ...
  • Knowledge Sharing and Filtering on Semantic Web 2.0 

    Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard; Gzella, Adam (2007)
    E-learning and other popular services that grow on the fertile soil of the Internet technologies usually fail to reach their full potential. With new, emerging technologies of the second generation Internet there is even ...
  • Managing tacit and explicit knowledge in organisational teams 

    Halonen, Raija (2008)
    In this article we analyse how tacit and explicit knowledge are managed in teams. Tacit knowledge is located in human persons and it can not be described formally as data or any other form while explicit knowledge is public ...
  • Measuring knowledge transfer success by D&M 

    Halonen, Raija (2008)
    DeLone & McLean's success model has been actively used since its first introduction in 1992. In this article the model is extended to describe the success of knowledge sharing in an information system that included a part ...
  • Semantic Versioning Manager: Integrating SemVersion in Protégé 

    Groza, Tudor; Handschuh, Siegfried (2006)
    Knowledge domains and their semantic representations via ontologies are typically subject to change in practical applications. Additionally, engineering of ontologies often takes place in distributed settings where multiple ...
  • Semantic Wikis for Personal Knowledge Management 

    Oren, Eyal; Breslin, John; Decker, Stefan (Springer, 2006)
    Wikis are becoming popular knowledge management tools. Analysing knowledge management requirements, we observe that wikis do not fully support structured search and knowledge reuse. We show how Semantic wikis address the ...
  • Team members and knowledge sharing. 

    Halonen, Raija (2009)
    This study explores issues that help team members to share knowledge in their work environment. In this study knowledge is understood as human action and therefore people as actors are emphasised in the approach. Literature ...
  • Towards a Practical Emergent Knowledge Exploitation 

    Nováček, Vít (AAAI Press, 2009)
  • Towards Lightweight and Robust Large Scale Emergent Knowledge Processing 

    Nováček, Vít; Decker, Stefan (Springer, 2009)
    We present a lightweight framework for processing uncertain emergent knowledge that comes from multiple resources with varying relevance. The framework is essentially RDF-compatible, but allows also for direct representation ...