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  • Adapting informal sources of knowledge to e-Learning 

    Jankowski, Jacek; Czaja, Filip; Dobrzanski, Jaroslaw (2007)
  • E-Learning on the Social Semantic Information Sources 

    Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard; Gzella, Adam; Dobrzanski, Jaroslaw; McDaniel, Bill; Woroniecki, Tomasz (2007)
    E-Learning grows on the fertile soil of the Internet technologies; it fails, however, to reach their full potential. With new, emerging technologies of the second generation Internet there is even more to be captured and ...
  • IKHarvester Informal eLearning with SemanticWeb Harvesting 

    Jankowski, Jacek; Westerski, Adam; Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard; Nagle, Tadhg; Dobrzanski, Jaroslaw (IEEE, 2008)
    Only recently, researchers and practitioners alike have begun to fully understand the potential of eLearning and have concentrated on new tools and technologies for creating, capturing and distributing knowledge. In order ...