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    • A Highly Effective Gene Delivery Vector 

      Newland, Ben; Tai, Hongyun; Zheng, Yu; Velasco, Diego; Di Luca, Andrea; Howdle, Steven M.; Alexander, Cameron; Wang, Wenxin; Pandit, Abhay (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010-06)
      A hyperbranched 2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate (DMAEMA) based polymer has been synthesised by a one-pot in situ deactivation enhanced atom transfer radical polymerisation (DE-ATRP); it exhibits much higher transfection ...
    • A reliable method for detecting complexed DNA in vitro 

      Holladay, C.; Keeney, M.; Mathew, B; Wang, W.; Pandit, Abhay (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010-09-08)
      Quantification of eluted nucleic acids is a critical parameter in characterizing biomaterial based gene-delivery systems. The most commonly used method is to assay samples with an intercalating fluorescent dye such as ...
    • Thermosensitive hydrogel for prolonged delivery of lentiviral vector expressing neurotrophin-3 in vitro 

      McMahon, Siobhan; Nikolskaya, Natalia; Ní Choileain, Siobhan; Hennessy, Niamh; O'Brien, Timothy; Rochev, Yury (Wiley, 2011-11-01)
      Background The development of tissue engineering scaffolds for gene delivery has the potential to enhance gene transfer efficiency and safety via controlled temporal and spatial delivery. Lentiviral delivery can be carried ...