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    • IRIS: English-Irish machine translation system 

      Arcan, Mihael; Lane, Caoilfhionn; Ó Droighneáin, Eoin; Buitelaar, Paul (European Language Resources Association, 2016-05-23)
      We describe IRIS, a statistical machine translation (SMT) system for translating from English into Irish and vice versa. Since Irish is considered an under-resourced language with a limited amount of machine-readable text, ...
    • Open social data crime analytics 

      Ihsan, Ullah,; Lane, Caoilfhionn; Drury, Brett; Mellotte, Marc; Madden, Michael G. (IJCAI 17 Melbourne, 2017-07-20)
      Crime is under-reported. Reporting crime requires the victim to complete a number of administrative obligations. These obligations, as well as the nature of the crime, may create an inertia that discourages the reporting ...