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    • Analyzing Social Behavior of Software Developers Across Different Communication Channels 

      Iqbal, Aftab; Karnstedt, Marcel; Hausenblas, Michael (2013)
      Software developers use different project repositories (i.e., mailing list, bug tracking repositories, discussion forums etc.) to interact with each other or to solve software related problems. The growing interest in ...
    • Approximating Query Completeness by Predicting the Number of Answers in DHT-based Web Applications 

      Karnstedt, Marcel; Hauswirth, Manfred; Sapkota, Brahmananda (2008)
    • Churn in Social Networks 

      Karnstedt, Marcel; Hennessy, Tara; Chan, Jeffrey; Basuchowdhuri, Partha; Hayes, Conor (Springer, 2010)
      Telcom networks, online gaming communities, online communities and discussion forums all have one thing in common: they all can be represented by a network of the social links between people. The links in this social network ...
    • Cost-Aware Processing of Similarity Queries in Structured Overlays 

      Karnstedt, Marcel; Hauswirth, Manfred (2006)
      Large-scale distributed data management with P2P systems requires the existence of similarity operators for queries as we cannot assume that all users will agree on exactly the same schema and value representations and ...
    • Fast and Scalable Pattern Mining for Media-Type Focused Crawling 

      Umbrich, Jürgen; Karnstedt, Marcel; Harth, Andreas (2009)
      Search engines targeting content other than hypertext documents require a crawler that discovers resources identifying files of certain media types. Naive crawling approaches do not guarantee a sufficient supply of new ...
    • Freshening up while Staying Fast: Towards Hybrid SPARQL Queries 

      Umbrich, Jürgen; Karnstedt, Marcel; Hogan, Aidan; Parreira, Josiane Xavier (2012)
    • Hybrid SPARQL queries: fresh vs. fast results 

      Umbrich, Jurgen; Karnstedt, Marcel; Hogan, Aidan; Parreira, Xavier (2012)
    • Kanopy: Analysing the Semantic Network around Document Topics 

      Hulpus, Ioana; Hayes, Conor; Karnstedt, Marcel; Greene, Derek; Jozwowicz, Marek (Springer, 2013)
      External knowledge bases, both generic and domain specific, available on the Web of Data have the potential of enriching the content of text documents with structured information. We present the Kanopy system that makes ...
    • Life-cycles and mutual effects of scientific communities 

      Belák, Václav; Karnstedt, Marcel; Hayes, Conor (ASNA, 2011)
      Cross-community effects on the behaviour of individuals and communities themselves can be observed in a wide range of applications. While previous work has tried to explain and analyse such phenomena, there is still a great ...
    • Quality-driven resource-adaptive data stream mining? 

      Karnstedt, Marcel (IEEE / ACM, 2011-01)
      Data streams have become ubiquitous in recent years and are handled on a variety of platforms, ranging from dedicated high-end servers to battery-powered mobile sensors. Data stream processing is therefore required to work ...
    • Querying over Federated SPARQL Endpoints - A State of the Art Survey 

      Rakhmawati, Nur; Umbrich, Jürgen; Karnstedt, Marcel; Hasnain, Ali; Hausenblas, Michael (2013)
      The increasing amount of Linked Data and its inherent distributed nature have attracted significant attention throughout the research community and amongst practitioners to search data, in the past years. Inspired by ...
    • Towards Cross-Community Effects in Scientific Communities 

      Karnstedt, Marcel; Hayes, Conor (2009)
      Community effects on the behaviour of individuals, the community itself and other communities can be observed in a wide range of applications. This is true in scientific research, where communities of researchers have ...
    • Understanding Linked Open Data as a Web-Scale Database 

      Hausenblas, Michael; Karnstedt, Marcel (2010)
      While Linked Open Data (LOD) has gained much attention in the recent years, requirements and the challenges concerning its usage from a database perspective are lacking. We argue that such a perspective is crucial for ...
    • UniStore: Querying a DHT-based Universal Storage 

      Karnstedt, Marcel; Hauswirth, Manfred (2007)
      In recent time, the idea of collecting and combining large public data sets and services became more and more popular. The special characteristics of such systems and the requirements of the participants demand for ...
    • Unsupervised Graph-Based Topic Labelling using DBpedia 

      Hulpus, Ioana; Hayes, Conor; Karnstedt, Marcel; Greene, Derek (2013)
      Automated topic labelling brings benefits for users aiming at analysing and understanding document collections, as well as for search engines targetting at the linkage between groups of words and their inherent topics. ...