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    • Characterization of the ‘White’ appearing clots that cause acute ischemic stroke 

      Mereuta, Oana Madalina; Rossi, Rosanna; Douglas, Andrew; Molina Gil, Sara; Fitzgerald, Seán; Pandit, Abhay; McCarthy, Ray; Gilvarry, Michael; Ceder, Eric; Dunker, Dennis; Nordanstig, Annika; Redfors, Petra; Jood, Katarina; Magoufis, Georgios; Psychogios, Klearchos; Tsivgoulis, Georgios; O'Hare, Alan; Power, Sarah; Brennan, Paul; Nagy, András; Vadász, Ágnes; Brinjikji, Waleed; Kallmes, David F.; Szikora, Istvan; Rentzos, Alexandros; Tatlisumak, Turgut; Thornton, John; Doyle, Karen M. (Elsevier, 2021-09-28)
      Objectives Most clots retrieved from patients with acute ischemic stroke are ‘red’ in color. ‘White’ clots represent a less common entity and their histological composition is less known. Our aim was to investigate the ...
    • High-resolution scanning electron microscopy for the analysis of three-dimensional ultrastructure of clots in acute ischemic stroke 

      Mereuta, Oana Madalina; Fitzgerald, Seán; Christensen, Trace A.; Jaspersen, Adam L.; Dai, Daying; Abbasi, Mehdi; Puttappa, Tejaswini; Kadirvel, Ram; Kallmes, David F.; Doyle, Karen M.; Brinjikji, Waleed (BMJ Publishing Group, 2020-12-23)
      Background: Characterization of acute ischemic stroke (AIS) clots has typically focused on two dimensional histological analysis of the thrombus. The three dimensional (3D) architecture and distribution of components ...