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    • Active exploration of mathematical formulae 

      Karpinska, Anna; Samp, Krystian; Dabrowski, Maciej; Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard (2007)
    • Challenges for aided online shopping and product selection - a decision making perspective. 

      Dabrowski, Maciej; Acton, Thomas; Golden, Willie (2009)
      Consumers often face a task to select a best option from a large set of alternatives, such as choosing a car to buy1, an apartment to rent2, or an unforgettable trip to book3. E-commerce sites frequently provide the ...
    • Comparing techniques for preference relaxation: a decision theory perspective 

      Dabrowski, Maciej; Acton, Thomas (Springer, 2010-09-01)
      This research proposes a decision aid based on a novel type of preference relaxation, which enables consumers to easily make quality choices in online multiattribute choice scenarios. In contrast to ltering and ...
    • Extending Community Ontology Using Automatically Generated Suggestions 

      Nováček, Vít; Dabrowski, Maciej; Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard; Handschuh, Siegfried (AAAI Press, 2007)
      In this paper we propose an ontology (formal knowledge base) creation methodology based on integrating external ontologies into the one developed by a community of the do- main experts. We present the MarcOntX agent, a ...
    • Improving consumer decision making through preference relaxation. 

      Dabrowski, Maciej (2010)
      In online shopping scenarios, it can be difficult for consumers to process large amounts of information and make a good purchase decision, particularly for multiattributed products selection. Interactive decision aids that ...
    • Improving customer decisions using product reviews: CROM - Car Review Opinion Miner 

      Dabrowski, Maciej; Acton, Thomas; Jarzebowski, Przemyslaw; O'Riain, Sean (2010-04-07)
      Online shopping is a very goal-oriented activity. Consumers have a set of preferences for a product or service that is used as criteria for assessment of the available alternatives. However, crucial information about ...
    • Improving decision quality through preference relaxation. 

      Dabrowski, Maciej; Acton, Thomas (IOS press, 2010)
      In online shopping scenarios, it can be difficult for consumers to process the vast amounts of information available and to make satisfactory buying decisions. Interactive decision aids are a potential solution to this ...
    • JeromeDL - a Semantic Digital Library 

      Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard; Woroniecki, Tomasz; Gzella, Adam; Dabrowski, Maciej (2007)
      JeromeDL is a Semantic Digital Library engine. It uses SemanticWeb and Social Networking technologies to improve browsing and searching for resources. With JeromeDL¿s social and semantic services every library user ...
    • Modelling preference relaxation in e-commerce. 

      Dabrowski, Maciej; Acton, Thomas (IEEE, 2010-09-23)
      In multi-attribute decision choice scenarios, although decision-makers desire access to very large sets of possible choice options (alternatives), their cognitive resources are limited. They may simply be unable to process ...