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    • Random Indexing Explained with High Probability 

      QasemiZadeh, Behrang (2015)
      Random indexing (RI) is an incremental method for constructing a vector space model (VSM) with a reduced dimensionality. Previously, the method has been justified using the mathematical framework of Kanerva's sparse ...
    • Random indexing revisited 

      QasemiZadeh, Behrang (Springer, 2015-05-17)
      Random indexing is a method for constructing vector spaces at a reduced dimensionality. Previously, the method has been proposed using Kanerva's sparse distributed memory model. Although intuitively plausible, this ...
    • Random Manhattan Indexing 

      QasemiZadeh, Behrang; Handschuh, Siegfried (2014)
      Vector space models (VSMs) are mathematically well-defined frameworks that have been widely used in text processing. In these models, high-dimensional, often sparse vectors represent text units. In an application, the ...
    • Random Manhattan Integer Indexing: Incremental L1 Normed Vector Space Construction 

      QasemiZadeh, Behrang; Handschuh, Siegfried (2014)
      Vector space models (VSMs) are mathematically well-defined frameworks that have been widely used in the distributional approaches to semantics. In VSMs, high-dimensional vectors represent linguistic entities. In an ...
    • A random walk model for entity relatedness 

      Torres-Tramón, Pablo; Hayes, Conor (Springer Verlag, 2018-10-31)
      Semantic relatedness is a critical measure for a wide variety of applications nowadays. Numerous models, including path-based, have been proposed for this task with great success in many applications during the last few ...
    • Rapid Competence Development in Serious Games Using Case-Based Reasoning and Threshold Concepts 

      Hulpus, Ioana; Fradinho, Manuel; Hayes, Conor (2010)
      A major challenge in todays fast pace world is the acquisition of competence in a timely and efficient manner, whilst keeping the individual highly motivated. This paper presents a novel based on the use of serious games ...
    • RDFS & OWL Reasoning for Linked Data 

      Hogan, Aidan; Delbru, Renaud; Umbrich, Jurgen (na, 2013)
      Linked Data promises that a large portion of Web Data will be usable as one big interlinked RDF database against which structured queries can be answered. In this lecture we will show how reasoning - using RDF Schema (RDFS) ...
    • Re-coding Black Mirror Chairs' Welcome & Organization 

      Troullinou, Pinelopi; d’Aquin, Mathieu; Tiddi, Ilaria (ACM, 2018-04-23)
      This volume of proceedings presents the papers from the 2nd edition of the interdisciplinary workshop Re-coding Black Mirror, held on April 24, 2018 in Lyon, France and co-located with The WEB Conference (WWW2018). ...
    • Recent advances in host–guest self‐assembled cyclodextrin carriers: Implications for responsive drug delivery and biomedical engineering 

      Wankar, Jitendra; Kotla, Niranjan G.; Gera, Sonia; Rasala, Swetha; Pandit, Abhay; Rochev, Yury A. (Wiley, 2020-02-05)
      This Review is an overview of the unique characteristics of cyclodextrin in forming an inclusion complex via host guest noncovalent interactions. The modification of cyclodextrin advances its application as a pharmaceutical ...
    • Recent advances in the development of nucleic acid diagnostics 

      O'Connor, Louise; Glynn, Barry (2010)
      Since the early 1970s, the use of nucleic acid sequences for specific diagnostic applications has followed a somewhat linear pattern of development. Early methods for restriction enzyme digestion, as well as reverse ...
    • ReConRank: A Scalable Ranking Method for Semantic Web Data with Context 

      Hogan, Aidan; Harth, Andreas; Decker, Stefan (2006)
      We present an approach that adapts the well-known PageRank/HITS algorithms to Semantic Web data. Our method combines ranks from the RDF graph with ranks from the context graph, i.e. data sources and their linkage. We present ...
    • Reconsidering the exclusion of metaphysics in human geography 

      Grimes, Seamus (Fabrizio Serra Editore, 1997-05)
      From its beginning as a systematic branch of knowledge, human geography was strongly influenced by developments in the other branches of the social sciences. Once a predominantly descriptive and ideographic discipline, ...
    • Reconstruction of Threaded Conversations in Online Discussion Forums 

      Aumayr, Erik; Jeffrey, Chan; Hayes, Conor (Fifth International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, 2011-07-18)
      [no abstract available]
    • Reflecting with the Delone & McClean Model 

      Halonen, Raija (2011)
      This paper introduces a new approach to utilise the information system success model developed by DeLone and McLean. In practice, the new approach was to illustrate an information system project retrospectively and by ...
    • Regularizing knowledge graph embeddings via equivalence and inversion axioms 

      Minervini, Pasquale; Costabello, Luca; Muñoz, Emir; Nováček, Vít; Vandenbussche, Pierre-Yves (Springer Verlag, 2017-12-30)
      Learning embeddings of entities and relations using neural architectures is an effective method of performing statistical learning on large-scale relational data, such as knowledge graphs. In this paper, we consider the ...
    • Regulation of the DNA Damage Response and Gene Expression by the Dot1L Histone Methyltransferase and the 53Bp1 Tumour Suppressor 

      FitzGerald, Jennifer; Moureau, Sylvie; O'Connell, Enda; Grenon, Muriel; Muriel, Noel F. (PLoS, 2011-02)
      Background Dot1L, a histone methyltransferase that targets histone H3 lysine 79 (H3K79), has been implicated in gene regulation and the DNA damage response although its functions in these processes remain poorly ...
    • Relational dynamics in youth mentoring: A mixed methods study 

      Silke, Charlotte; Brady, Bernadine; Dolan, Pat (UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, National University of Ireland Galway, 2019)
      Following this introduction, this report details the findings from a narrative literature review which summarises the research evidence in relation to youth mentoring programmes. This review also discusses the role that ...
    • Relaxing the Basic KR&R Principles to Meet the Emergent Semantic Web 

      Nováček, Vít (CEUR-WS, 2008)
      The paper argues for an alternative, empirical (instead of analytical) approach to a Semantic Web-ready KR&R, motivated by the so far largely untackled need for a feasible emergent content processing.
    • A reliable method for detecting complexed DNA in vitro 

      Holladay, C.; Keeney, M.; Mathew, B; Wang, W.; Pandit, Abhay (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010-09-08)
      Quantification of eluted nucleic acids is a critical parameter in characterizing biomaterial based gene-delivery systems. The most commonly used method is to assay samples with an intercalating fluorescent dye such as ...