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  • Social Networking and Online Privacy: Facebook Users' Perceptions 

    Torres, Ann M. (Irish Academy of Management, 2012)
    This study investigates Facebook users' perceptions of online privacy, exploring their awareness of privacy issues and how their behaviour is influenced by this awareness, as well as the role of trust in an online social ...
  • Who Likes You and Why? A typology of Facebook Fans 

    Wallace, Elaine (2014)
    Although many managers recognize that Facebook fans represent a marketing opportunity, little is known about fan types. This study explores a typology of fans, drawn from a sample of 438 individuals who Like brands ...
  • Winning Success in Aquaculture Marketing 

    Torres, Ann M. (Dublin Institute of Technology, 1993)
    A decade ago aquaculture in Ireland was essentially a cottage industry, fragmented, undercapitalised with uneven product quality and at the mercy of larger, often foreign owned distributors. Today, a rapidly growing ...