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  • Review of "Hunger" 

    Crosson, Seán (2008)
    Review of Steve McQueen's 2008 British-Irish historical drama film Hunger, starring Michael Fassbender (as Republican leader Bobby Sands), Liam Cunningham, and Liam McMahon. The film is concerned with the 1981 Irish hunger strike.
  • Review of "Pavee Lackeen" (2005) 

    Crosson, Seán (2006)
    Review of an innovative film, shot on mini-DV in a pseudo documentary style, featuring an Irish Traveller family.
  • Review of "Six Shooter" 

    Crosson, Seán (2006)
    Review of one of the most provocative Irish short films in recent years, a work that manages not just to reference acclaimed playwright and director Martin McDonagh’s major influences but also provides a commentary on ...
  • Review of 'The Seminary' 

    Kenny, John (2001)