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    • The KEYSTONE IC1302 COST Action 

      Guerra, Francesco; Velegrakis, Yannis; Cardoso, Jorge; Breslin, John G. (Springer International Publishing, 2018)
      As more and more data becomes available on the Web, as its complexity increases and as the Web’s user base shifts towards a more general non-technical population, keyword searching is becoming a valuable alternative to ...
    • Kickstarting Collaboration [Notes from the Editor] 

      Corcoran, Peter (IEEE, 2014-07)
      [no abstract available]
    • Latent space mapping for generation of object elements with corresponding data annotation 

      Bazrafkan, Shabab; Javidnia, Hossein; Corcoran, Peter (Elsevier, 2018-10-25)
      Deep neural generative models such as Variational Auto-Encoders (VAE) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) give promising results in estimating the data distribution across a range of machine learning fields of ...
    • Leveraging social media and IoT to bootstrap smart environments 

      Crowley, David N.; Curry, Edward; Breslin, John G. (Springer International Publishing, 2014-03-12)
      As we move towards an era of Smart Environments, mixed technological and social solutions must be examined to continue to allow users some control over their environment. Realisations of Smart Environments such as Smart ...
    • A Lexicon of Patent Jargon [IP Corner] 

      Corcoran, Peter (2014)
      Often when I am doing work related to patents and IP, I find myself talking a different language. It is a strange legal dialect that patent lawyers have developed over many years. Now while its original purpose was ...
    • Managing Digital Image Collections from your TV-Set: A State-of-Art Review 

      Corcoran, Peter; Callaly, Frank; Bigioi, Petronel (IEEE, 2007-07-14)
      The problem of managing growing digital image collections is discussed in the context of a home user. The use of a conventional television set as both a viewing and management tool is discussed. The problem of linking ...
    • Managing Resources for Better Behaved Robots 

      Kennelly, Ronan; Morgan, Fearghal; Galvin, Martin (2006)
      This paper presents an architecture based on features of the QNX real-time operating system (RTOS) that translate directly into aspects of a behaviour-based robotic model.Significant research effort has been expended on ...
    • Mapping home-network appliances to TCP/IP sockets using a three-tiered home gateway architecture 

      Corcoran, Peter M. (IEEE, 1998)
      A three-tier gateway architecture for internetworking between home automation networks and a TCP/IP based wide area network, such as the internet, is described. The architecture abstracts the ...
    • A Matter of Timing: Consumer Electronics & Network Time 

      Corcoran, Peter M. (IEEE, 2013-10)
      Network time protocol (NTP) has become widely used across the Internet to synchronize clocks on computers and, more recently, on a wide variety of handheld devices. You are using NTP on a daily basis without even knowing ...
    • Methods for detecting objectionable internet images based on graphical content. 

      Corcoran, Peter (IEEE, 2001-07)
      [no abstract available]
    • Microwave bone imaging: A preliminary investigation on numerical bone phantoms for bone health monitoring 

      Amin, Bilal; Shahzad, Atif; O'Halloran, Martin; Elahi, Muhammad Adnan (MDPI, 2020-11-05)
      Microwave tomography (MWT) can be used as an alternative modality for monitoring human bone health. Studies have found a significant dielectric contrast between healthy and diseased human trabecular bones. A set of diverse ...
    • Microwave bone imaging: experimental evaluation of calcaneus bone phantom and imaging prototype 

      Amin, Bilal; Sheridan, Colin; Kelly, Daniel; O'Halloran, Martin; Elahi, Muhammad Adnan (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2020-12-14)
      Microwave imaging (MWI) can be used as an alternate imaging modality for monitoring bone health. Evaluation and characterization of MWI prototype is a precursor step before in vivo investigation of bone dielectric ...
    • Microwave calcaneus phantom for bone imaging applications 

      Amin, Bilal; Kelly, Daniel; Shahzad, Atif; O'Halloran, Martin; Elahi, Muhammad Adnan (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2020-03-15)
      Microwave imaging can be used as an alternate modality for monitoring bone health. Dielectrically accurate, anthropomorphic phantoms play vital role in testing of imaging prototype prior to clinical applications. However, ...
    • Microwave thermal ablation: focusing energy in target tissue using fat layer 

      Bottiglieri, Anna; Farina, Laura; Shahzad, Atif; O'Loughlin, Declan; O'Halloran, Martin; Elahi, Muhammad Adnan (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2019-03-31)
      Microwave thermal ablation therapy is a minimally invasive technique introduced in the interventional oncology practice to treat a range of cancerous pathologies. Whereas satisfying results are obtained with the treatment ...
    • Minimum information for dielectric measurements of biological tissues (MINDER): A framework for repeatable and reusable data 

      Porter, Emily; La Gioia, Alessandra; Salahuddin, Saqib; Decker, Stefan; Shahzad, Atif; Elahi, M. Adnan; O'Halloran, Martin; Beyan, Oya (Wiley, 2017-11-13)
      The dielectric properties of biological tissues characterise the interaction of human tissues with electromagnetic (EM) fields. Accurate knowledge of the dielectric properties of tissues are vital in EM‐based therapeutic ...
    • Modeling of the dielectric properties of biological tissues within the histology region 

      Porter, Emily; La Gioia, Alessandra; Santorelli, Adam; O'Halloran, Martin (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2017-11-27)
      The dielectric properties of biological tissues characterize the interaction of electromagnetic fields with the human body. As such, accurate knowledge of these properties is vital to the design and development of ...
    • Modelling the sensing radius of a coaxial probe for dielectric characterisation of biological tissues 

      La Gioia, Alessandra; O'Halloran, Martin; Porter, Emily (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2018-08-22)
      The open-ended coaxial probe is the most common measurement tool used to dielectrically characterize biological tissues. Most healthy and malignant biological tissues are macroscopically heterogeneous, with the exception ...
    • Multi-nodal short-term energy forecasting using smart meter data 

      Hayes, Barry P.; Gruber, Jorn K.; Prodanovic, Milan (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2018-06-10)
      This paper deals with the short-term forecasting of electrical energy demands at the local level, incorporating advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), or ‘smart meter’ data. It provides a study of the effects of aggregation ...
    • A multistage selective weighting method for improved microwave breast tomography 

      Shahzad, Atif; O'Halloran, Martin; Jones, Edward; Glavin, Martin (Elsevier, 2016-08-24)
      Microwave tomography has shown potential to successfully reconstruct the dielectric properties of the human breast, thereby providing an alternative to other imaging modalities used in breast imaging applications. Considering ...
    • Next Generation Face Tracking Technology Using AAM Techniques 

      Corcoran, Peter; Ionita, Mircea C.; Bacivarov, Ioana (IEEE, 2007)
      This paper realizes an investigation of the active appearance model (AAM) techniques, with particular emphasis on problems related to the implementation of AAM in realtime face tracking applications for embedded systems. ...