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    • Beyond the martial façade: gender, heritage and medieval castles 

      Dempsey, Karen; Gilchrist, Roberta; Ashbee, Jeremy; Sagrott, Stefan; Stones, Samantha (Taylor & Francis, 2019-07-02)
      Gendered interpretations are rare both within castle-studies and heritage discourses on medieval castles. Yet, castles hold potential to inform multi-vocal accounts of the medieval past and to inspire meaningful heritage ...
    • Gender and archaeology 

      Dempsey, Karen (Oxford University Press, 2022-02-21)
      In archaeology, gender is not a simple man-woman binary classification. It is the performance and embodiment of an identity that intersects with age, sex, race, sexuality, and class. One is not born, but rather becomes, a ...
    • Home is Where the Heart(h) is': investigating medieval houses in Ireland 1100-1600 AD 

      Dempsey, Karen (Wordwell, 2020-03-07)
      {No abstract available]
    • Tending the ‘Contested’ castle garden: Sowing seeds of feminist thought 

      Dempsey, Karen (Cambridge University Press, 2020-02-09)
      Medieval women are typically portrayed as secluded, passive agents within castle studies. Although the garden is regarded as associated with women there has been little exploration of this space within medieval archaeology. ...