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    • An evolutionary approach to formation control with mobile robots 

      Holland, Jane; Griffith, Josephine; O'Riordan, Colm (SciTePress Digital Library, 2016)
      The field of swarm robotics studies multi-robot systems, emphasising decentralised and self-organising behaviours that deal with limited individual abilities, local sensing and local communication. A robotic system needs ...
    • Evolving collective behaviours in simulated kilobots 

      Holland, Jane; Griffith, Josephine; O'Riordan, Colm (Association for Computing Machinery, 2018-04-09)
      The field of Evolutionary Robotics has multiple common tasks and widely used benchmark activities such as navigation, obstacle avoidance, and phototaxis. We present an evolutionary approach to learning behaviours that ...
    • Identifying the reality gap between abstract and realistic models using evolved agents and simulated kilobots 

      Holland, Jane; Gallagher, Ciaran; Griffith, Josephine; O'Riordan, Colm (IEEE, 2018-12-12)
      A common challenge in evolutionary swarm robotics is the transfer of simulated results into real-world applications. This difficulty can arise in a variety of real-world settings and problems such as sensory differences in ...