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    • Electro-spinning of pure collagen nano-fibres – Just an expensive way to make gelatin? 

      Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.; Khew, Shih T.; Yew, Elijah S.Y.; Ekaputra, Andrew K.; Tong, Yen W.; Yung, Lin-Yue L.; Hutmacher, Dietmar W.; Sheppard, Colin; Raghunath, Michael (Elsevier, 2008-03-03)
      Scaffolds manufactured from biological materials promise better clinical functionality, providing that characteristic features are preserved. Collagen, a prominent biopolymer, is used extensively for tissue engineering ...
    • The past, present and future in scaffold-based tendon treatments 

      Lomas, A.J.; Ryan, C.N.M.; Sorushanova, A.; Shologu, N.; Sideri, A.I.; Tsioli, V.; Fthenakis, G.C.; Tzora, A.; Skoufos, I.; Quinlan, Leo R.; Ó Laighin, Gearóid; Mullen, A.M.; Kelly, A.M.; Kearns, J.L.; Biggs, S.; Pandit, Abhay; Zeugolis, Dimitrios I. (Elsevier, 2015-04)
      Tendon injuries represent a significant clinical burden on healthcare systems worldwide. As the human population ages and the life expectancy increases, tendon injuries will become more prevalent especially among young ...