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    • An end-user led approach for assessing the feasibility of small-scale wind energy projects 

      Miu, Luciana M.; Hayes, Barry P.; Djokic, Sasa Z. (NUI Galway, 2017-06-18)
      The successful realization of a wind energy project, i.e. a wind farm, wind plant or, in its simplest form, a single wind turbine generator, WTG, strongly depends on accurate assessment of wind energy resources at the ...
    • Multi-nodal short-term energy forecasting using smart meter data 

      Hayes, Barry P.; Gruber, Jorn K.; Prodanovic, Milan (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2018-06-10)
      This paper deals with the short-term forecasting of electrical energy demands at the local level, incorporating advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), or ‘smart meter’ data. It provides a study of the effects of aggregation ...
    • An optimal day-ahead load scheduling approach based on the flexibility of aggregate demands 

      Ayón, X.; Gruber, Jorn K.; Hayes, Barry P.; Usaola, J.; Prodanović, M. (Elsevier, 2017-04-26)
      The increasing trends of energy demand and renewable integration call for new and advanced approaches to energy management and energy balancing in power networks. Utilities and network system operators require more assistance ...