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    • An actuatable soft reservoir modulates host foreign body response 

      Dolan, Eimear B.; Varela, C. E.; Mendez, K.; Whyte, W.; Levey, R. E.; Robinson, S. T.; Maye, E.; O’Dwyer, J.; Beatty, R.; Rothman, A.; Fan, Y.; Hochstein, J.; Rothenbucher, S. E.; Wylie, R.; Starr, J. R.; Monaghan, M.; Dockery, P.; Duffy, G. P.; Roche, E. T. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2019-08-28)
      The performance of indwelling medical devices that depend on an interface with soft tissue is plagued by complex, unpredictable foreign body responses. Such devices—including breast implants, biosensors, and drug delivery ...