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  • E-Books Challenges and Opportunities 

    Cox, John (D-Lib Magazine, 2004-10)
    E-books are commonly perceived as offering great potential for learner support but also as struggling to compete with print due to poor on-screen presentation, restrictive licencing and limited range of titles offered. ...
  • Making sense of e-book usage data 

    Cox, John (The Acquisitions Librarian, 2007)
    This article provides an overview of the types of statistical data available for e-book usage and includes examples from specifc vendors, along with coverage of standards such as COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of Networked ...
  • The McGahern Archive at the James Hardiman Library 

    Fahey, Fergus; Reddan, Marie (National University of Ireland, Galway, 2007)
  • Opening Access to Archaeology 

    Canny, Nicholas (Archäologische Informationen, 2015-02-06)
    The article begins by explaining why, from its establishment in 2007, the European Research Council (ERC) encouraged all researchers to engage with Open Access. Its enthusiasm for OA derives from the early recognition by ...
  • Reinvented, Re-imagined and Somehow Dislocated: The Evolution of Two John McGahern Short Stories 

    Fahey, Fergus (2008-09-03)
    The John McGahern archive at The James Hardiman Library, National University of Ireland Galway includes drafts of all McGahern's works. The archive includes over twenty drafts of McGahern's story 'Christmas', while the ...
  • Sharing the pain, striving for gain 

    Cox, John (UK Serials Group, 2010-03)
    Ireland is experiencing a particularly severe and sudden economic downturn. Spending on higher education is under the microscope, with implications for university libraries. The impact of this new environment at National ...
  • Taking back the stage: interventions in the performing arts library of the 21st century 

    Houlihan, Barry (Theatre Library Association, 2016)
    [No abstract available]