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  • Cocrystal forms of the BCS class IV drug sulfamethoxazole 

    Alsubaie, Moneerh; Aljohani, Marwah; Erxleben, Andrea; McArdle, Patrick (American Chemical Society, 2018-05-23)
    Sulfamethoxazole, smz, is an antibiotic that is classified as a Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) class IV, low solubility and low permeability drug. Cocrystal formation has been examined in an attempt to improve ...
  • A comprehensive cocrystal screening study of chlorothiazide 

    Aljohani, Marwah; Pallipurath, Anuradha R.; McArdle, Patrick; Erxleben, Andrea (American Chemical Society, 2017-09-01)
    Cocrystal formation of chlorothiazide (ctz) was screened with a variety of coformers with carboxyl, amide, hydroxyl, sulfonamide, pyridine, amidine, and amine functional groups. New cocrystals with acetamide (aca), benzamide ...
  • Hydrogen bonding networks and solid-state conversions in benzamidinium salts 

    Kamali, Naghmeh; Aljohani, Marwah; McArdle, Patrick; Erxleben, Andrea (2015-07-14)
    Ten benzamidinium salts of carboxylic acids, amides, and sulfonamides have been crystallized from solution. Single-crystal X-ray analyses revealed various hydrogen bonding motifs which ate discussed in terms of supramolecular ...