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    • A comprehensive experimental and modeling study of isobutene oxidation 

      Zhou, Chong-Wen; Li, Yang; O'Connor, Eoin; Somers, Kieran P.; Thion, Sébastien; Keesee, Charles; Mathieu, Olivier; Petersen, Eric L.; DeVerter, Trent A.; Oehlschlaeger, Matthew A.; Kukkadapu, Goutham; Sung, Chih-Jen; Alrefae, Majed; Khaled, Fathi; Farooq, Aamir; Dirrenberger, Patricia; Glaude, Pierre-Alexandre Glaude; Battin-Leclerc, Frédérique; Santner, Jeffrey; Ju, Yiguang; Held, Timothy; Haas, Francis M.; Dryer, Frederick L.; Curran, Henry J. (Elsevier, 2016-03-17)
      Isobutene is an important intermediate in the pyrolysis and oxidation of higher-order branched alkanes, and it is also a component of commercial gasolines. To better understand its combustion characteristics, a series of ...