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    • A comprehensive iso-octane combustion model with improved thermochemistry and chemical kinetics 

      Atef, Nour; Kukkadapu, Goutham; Mohamed, Samah Y.; Al Rashidi, Mariam J.; Al Rashidi, Mariam; Banyon, Colin; Mehl, Marco; Heufer, Karl Alexander; Nasir, Ehson F.; Alfazazi, A.; Das, Apurba K.; Westbrook, Charles K.; Pitz, William J.; Lu, Tianfeng; Farooq, Aamir; Sung, Chih-Jen; Curran, Henry J.; Sarathy, S. Mani (Elsevier, 2017-02-05)
      Iso-Octane (2,2,4-trimethylpentane) is a primary reference fuel and an important component of gasoline fuels. Moreover, it is a key component used in surrogates to study the ignition and burning characteristics of gasoline ...
    • Detailed kinetic modeling of dimethoxymethane. Part I: Ab initio thermochemistry and kinetics predictions for key reactions 

      Kopp, Wassja A.; Kröger, Leif C.; Döntgen, Malte; Jacobs, Sascha; Burke, Ultan; Curran, Henry J.; Heufer, Karl Alexander; Leonhard, Kai (Elsevier, 2017-09-06)
      Despite the great interest in oxygenated methyl ethers as diesel fuel additives and as fuels themselves, the influence of their methylenedioxy group(s) (0-CH2-0) has never been quantified using ab initio methods. In this ...
    • An updated experimental and kinetic modeling study of n-heptane oxidation 

      Zhang, Kuiwen; Banyon, Colin; Bugler, John; Curran, Henry J.; Rodriguez, Anne; Herbinet, Olivier; Battin-Leclerc, Frédérique; B'Chir, Christine; Heufer, Karl Alexander (Elsevier ScienceDirect, 2016-07-25)
      This work presents an updated experimental and kinetic modeling study of n-heptane oxidation. In the experiments, ignition delay times of stoichiometric n-heptaneiair mixtures have been measured in two different high-pressure ...