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  • Public sector IT outsourcing: a framework for evaluating risk 

    Scott, Murray (IFIP, 2010-08-30)
    A recent trend has seen the significant growth of governments outsourcing IT projects to private sector partners. However, despite the high risk of failure in public sector IT projects, the literature on outsourcing risks ...
  • Comparing techniques for preference relaxation: a decision theory perspective 

    Dabrowski, Maciej; Acton, Thomas (Springer, 2010-09-01)
    This research proposes a decision aid based on a novel type of preference relaxation, which enables consumers to easily make quality choices in online multiattribute choice scenarios. In contrast to ltering and ...
  • Modelling preference relaxation in e-commerce. 

    Dabrowski, Maciej; Acton, Thomas (IEEE, 2010-09-23)
    In multi-attribute decision choice scenarios, although decision-makers desire access to very large sets of possible choice options (alternatives), their cognitive resources are limited. They may simply be unable to process ...