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  • That dangerous serpent: Garibaldi and Ireland 1860 - 1870 

    O'Connor, Anne (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2010-09-28)
    This article analyses the reaction to Garibaldi in Ireland during the Risorgimento, a reaction which, in its negativity, generally contrasted with the Italian's heroic depiction elsewhere. Attitudes towards Garibaldi ...
  • Translating the Vatican: Paul Cullen, power and language in nineteenth-century Ireland 

    O'Connor, Anne (Taylor & Francis, 2014-09-29)
    This paper examines how one of the most influential figures in nineteenth-century Ireland, Cardinal Paul Cullen, used language and translation to further his career and his vision for the Catholic Church in this period. ...
  • Triumphant failure: the return of the Irish Papal Brigade 

    O'Connor, Anne (Cork Historical and Archaeological Society, 2009)
    In early 1860, Italian unification was gaining momentum and Pope Pius IX, the temporal ruler of large parts of central Italy, feared an invasion of his extensive territories by the troops of Victor Emanuel of Piedmont ...