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    • Automatic indexing of consumer image collections using person recognition techniques 

      Corcoran, Peter; Costache, Gabriel (IEEE, 2005-01-08)
      An evaluation of person recognition technologies for use in an automatic cataloging tool for consumer image collections is presented. Prototype implementations of the automatic cataloging tool and user search tools are ...
    • Facial enhancement and beautification for HD video cameras 

      Corcoran, Peter (IEEE, 2011)
      Influenced by the widespread adoption of HDTV consumer imaging devices have begun to feature full HD (high density) video capture. With this high-resolution capability, small imperfections in human faces are captured with ...
    • A Review of Face Recognition Techniques for In-Camera Applications 

      Iancu, Claudia; Costache, Gabriel; Corcoran, Peter M. (IEEE, 2007-08-20)
      This paper presents an overview of a number of classical face recognition techniques, including an assessment of their suitability for applications in real-time embedded systems such as digital cameras, and a generalized ...