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  • Visual field and task influence illusory figure responses 

    Elliott, Mark (Wiley, 2008-11)
    In normal viewing conditions, many objects are often hidden or occluded by others, therefore restricting the information that enters the eye. One ability that the human visual system has developed to compensate for this ...
  • Visual perception in a snapshot 

    Elliott, Mark (Springer, 2006-04-14)
    To study visual perception in its sub-second scale of time continues to be timely: we have more unsolved puzzles than bits of a firm undisputable knowledge about how our perceptions are created in a snapshot of time. ...
  • Work-life integration 

    Hogan, Michael J.; Hogan, Victoria (The Irish Psychologist, 2007-05)
    Work is an integral part of life. Human adaptation implies acquisition of the means to sustain life. But there is more to life than work: there is personal life, family life, and life within one's social network and culture ...