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  • Gaelic Games and 'the Movies' 

    Crosson, Seán (Irish Academic Press, 2009)
    From the earliest days of the cinema, sport was one of the most popular subjects of representation. Unsurprisingly, when film arrived in Ireland, Irish sport, including gaelic games, would soon feature. Gaelic games were ...
  • Gaelic games and the films of John Ford 

    Crosson, Seán (Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2018-02-27)
    This peer-reviewed chapter emerged further to ongoing research into the representations of Gaelic games in the cinema and is focused on films directed, or part-directed, by John Ford, in particular The Quiet Man (1952), ...
  • Gangland Knockabout 

    Kenny, John (The Irish Times, 2000-03-18)
  • Gender and the Discourse of Young Ireland Nationalism 

    Ryder, Sean (Galway University Press, 1995)
  • The Gigli Concert by Tom Murphy, Druid Theatre 

    Lonergan, Patrick (Irish Theatre Magazine, 2009-09)
    One of the clichés of Irish theatre historiography is that drama in this country is excessively verbal – that our dramatists write for the voice, but not for the body. But if you actually go to the theatre here, it soon ...
  • Girl chewing gum: the time that cinema forgot 

    Stoneman, Rod (Intellect / Ingenta Connect, 2012-02)
    John Smith's Girl Chewing Gum was made in Hackney, East London and shown at the London Film-Makers' Co-op in 1976. Through its wit and imagination this film extended the forms of British avant-garde experimentation that ...
  • A Girl of Many Words 

    Kenny, John (The Irish Times, 2003-11-08)
  • The Given Note traditional music, crisis and the poetry of Seamus Heaney 

    Crosson, Seán (Palgrave, 2011)
    This paper proposes that at a time when Northern Ireland increasingly descended into civil strife and crisis, Seamus Heaney looked to landscape, and to a lesser but comparable, extent traditional music, to articulate a ...
  • "The Given Note": traditional music and modern Irish poetry 

    Crosson, Seán (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008)
    "The oldest records indicate that the performance of poetry in Gaelic Ireland was normally accompanied by music, providing a point of continuity with past tradition while bolstering a sense of community in the present. ...
  • Global Interchange: The Same but Different 

    Stoneman, Rod (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013-08)
    Praxis is a productive basis for international interchange the diversity and pluralism of critical practice offers an implicit challenge to dominant models. The replication of versions of academic tunnel vision is too ...
  • A "global nervous system": The rise and rise of European humanitarian NGOs 

    O'Sullivan, Kevin (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
    Going a step beyond the guiding principle of Amnesty International and the human rights movement that individuals could change the policies of foreign governments humanitarian NGOs emphasised the power of ...
  • Globalisation and national theatre: two Abbey Theatre productions of Sean o'Casey's The Plough and the Stars 

    Lonergan, Patrick (Cambridge Scholars Press, Newcastle, 2007)
    [No abstract available]
  • Going for a Spin in a Cadillac 

    Kenny, John (The Irish Times, 2001-05-02)
  • The Gothic in David Lynch: phantasmagoria and abjection 

    Barr, Rebecca Anne (2010)
    David Lynch has long been identified with 'New American Gothic', a late capitalist cinematography that disrupts the glossy normalcy of the American dream with visions of violent menace, and physical and sexual aberrancy. ...
  • Gower’s slothful Aeneas in Batman’s Christall Glasse of Christian Reformation 

    Reid, Lindsay Ann (Oxford University Press, 2014-08-01)
    ALTHOUGH early modern medievalisms have been the subject of considerable interest in recent scholarship, much work remains to be done on the literary reception and influence of John Gower’s only major vernacular work, ...
  • ‘Great Joys Were My Share Always’: Ibsenite echoes in Synge’s Deirdre of the Sorrows 

    Lonergan, Patrick (International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL) Japan, 2017)
    [No abstract available]
  • ‘Growing Up Poor’: child welfare, motherhood and the State during the First World War 

    Buckley, Sarah-Anne (Taylor & Francis, 2016-11-23)
    In the history of child welfare in Ireland and other western countries, the period during the First World War coincided with a time of international attention on poor and working-class families and children. As this occurred ...
  • Guest Editors’ Introduction 

    Buckley, Sarah-Anne; Hay, Marnie; Nic Congáil, Ríona (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016)
    [No abstract available]
  • Guidance for developing ethical research projects involving children 

    Department of Children and Youth Affairs Working Group on Research Ethics; Cleary, Anne; Archer, Peter; Bond, Laurence; Curtis, Ruth; Fallon, Maureen; Felzmann, Heike; Hanafin, Sinéad; Keeneghan, Celia; Lynch, Aine; Madden, Deirdre; Redmond, Adrian; Meaney, Bairbre (Department of Children and Youth Affairs, 2012)
    The aim of this guidance paper, produced by a working group on behalf of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA), is to advise on good practice principles for undertaking research with children (defined in ...
  • Half-hearted: Irish Theatre, 2003 

    Lonergan, Patrick (Center for Irish Studies, University of St. Thomas, 2004)
    Irish theater experienced an unusuaily quiet period in 2003. Although the year was free of the controversies that have overshadowed recent years, it was also too frequently free of excitement, creativity, and originality. ...