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    • Field characterization of three-dimensional lee-side airflow patterns under offshore winds at a beach-dune system 

      Delgado-Fernandez, Irene; Jackson, Derek W. T.; Cooper, J. Andrew G.; Baas, Andreas C. W.; Beyers, J. H. Meiring; Lynch, Kevin (American Geophysical Union, 2013-05-22)
      Characterization of three-dimensional (3D) airflow remains elusive within a variety of environments and is particularly challenging over complex dune topography. Previous work examining airflow over and in the lee of dunes ...
    • Foredune accretion under offshore winds 

      Cooper, J. Andrew G.; Jackson, Derek W. T.; Lynch, Kevin (Elsevier, 2007)
      Experiments carried out at Magilligan Strand on the north coast of Ireland suggest that topographic steering of offshore winds is an important facet of the aeolian sediment transport system at this location. A five-day ...