Established in 1971, Psychology at NUI Galway is at an exciting phase of development, having grown rapidly during recent years. In 2000, Psychology had 6 full-time academic staff and 3 support staff, but today there are 20 full-time teaching staff, a substantial number of part-time teaching staff, and 5 support staff. Growth in staff numbers has been accompanied by commensurate growth in student numbers, and an increase in the range and number of academic programmes on offer.

Economies of scale created by growth have contributed to enhanced productivity, especially in research, including the awarding of research funds nationally and internationally. Psychology is committed to achieving the highest standards of academic excellence, as measured by internationally accepted criteria, including peer-reviewed publication of original works.

In 2007, as part of the university's academic restructuring programme, the discipline of psychology became the responsibility of the School (formerly Department) of Psychology.

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