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  • Low Temperature Fluorescence Studies of Crude Petroleum Oils 

    Owens, Peter; Ryder, Alan G. (2011)
    We have studied the low-temperature (133-298 K) fluorescence emission of crude petroleum oils using a combination of steady-state and time-resolved measurements. This was done, first, to see if we could generate linear ...
  • Molecular simulation of nanoparticle diffusion at fluid interfaces 

    Cheung, David L. (2010)
    Using molecular dynamics simulations the transport properties of a model nanoparticle in solution are studied. In bulk solvent the translational diffusion coefficients are in good agreement with previous simulation and ...
  • Planar [Ni-7] discs as double-bowl, pseudo metallacalix[6]arene host cavities 

    Meally, Sean T.; Dunne, Peter W.; McArdle, Patrick; Jones, Leigh F. (RSC, 2010-09-19)
    We report three heptanuclear[Ni-7] complexes with planar disc-like cores, akin to double-bowl metallocalix[6]arenes, which form molecular H-bonded host cavities.
  • Prediction of Cell Culture Media Performance Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy 

    Ryan, Paul W.; Boyan, Li; Shanahan, Michael; Ryder, Alan G. (2010)
    Cell culture media used in industrial mammalian cell culture are complex aqueous solutions that are inherently difficult to analyze comprehensively. The analysis of media quality and variance is of utmost importance in ...
  • Scaling behavior of polymers at liquid/liquid interfaces 

    Cheung, DL (American Chemical Society, 2015-09-14)
    The dynamics of a polymer chain confined in a soft 2D slit formed by two immiscible liquids is studied by means of molecular dynamics simulations. We show that the scaling behavior of a polymer confined between two liquids ...