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    • A discrete P⋅⋅⋅I I⋅⋅⋅P assembly: the large influence of weak interactions on the 31P NMR Spectra of Phosphane–Diiodine Complexes 

      Nuñez, Rosario; Farràs, Pau; Teixidor, Francesc; Viñas, Clara; Sillanpää, Reijo; Kivekäs, Raikko (Wiley, 2006-02-06)
      Seeing I to I: The reaction of a weakly coordinating carboranyl phosphane ligand with I2 leads to the formation of an adduct containing the bridging P⋅⋅⋅I[BOND]I⋅⋅⋅P assembly in the solid state (see picture; I purple, P ...
    • Metallacarboranes as building blocks for polyanionic polyarmed aryl-ether materials 

      Farràs, Pau; Teixidor, Francesc; Kivekäs, Raikko; Sillanpää, Reijo; Viñas, Clara; Grüner, Bohumir; Cisarova, Ivana (American Chemical Society, 2008-09-20)
      Polyanionic species have been obtained in high yield by a new route in the ring-opening reaction of cyclic oxonium [3,3′-Co(8-C4H8O2-1,2-C2B9H10)(1′,2′-C2B9H11)] (2) by using carboxylic acids, Grignard reagents, and ...
    • Relaxed but highly compact diansa metallacyclophanes 

      Farràs, Pau; Teixidor, Francesc; Rojo, Isabel; Kivekäs, Raikko; Sillanpää, Reijo; González-Cardoso, Paul V.; Viñas, Clara (American Chemical Society, 2011-09-09)
      A series of monoansa [μ-1,1′-PR-3,3′-Co(1,2-C2B9H10)2]− and diansa [8,8′-μ-(1″,2″-benzene)-μ-1,1′-PR-3,3′-Co(1,2-C2B9H9)2]− (R = Ph, tBu) cobaltabisdicarbollidephanes have been synthesized, characterized and studied by ...