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  • A comprehensive spectroscopic study of the polymorphs of diflunisal and their phase transformations 

    Pallipurath, Anuradha R.; Civati, Francesco; Sibik, Juraj; Crowley, Clare; Zeitler, J. Axel; McArdle, Patrick; Erxleben, Andrea (Elsevier, 2017-06-08)
    Understanding phase transitions in pharmaceutical materials is of vital importance for drug manufacturing, processing and storage. In this paper we have carried out comprehensive high-resolution spectroscopic studies on ...
  • Tailoring cocrystal and salt formation and controlling the crystal habit of diflunisal 

    Pallipurath, Anuradha R.; Civati, Francesco; Eziashi, Magdalene; Omar, Elaf; McArdle, Patrick; Erxleben, Andrea (American Chemical Society, 2016-09-26)
    Crystal habit modification of the drug diflunisal that normally grows into extremely thin, long needles has been achieved by breaking the stacking effect with the help of coformers. Eight new cocrystals are reported, along ...