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    • Additive tuning redox potential in metallacarboranes by sequencial halogen substitution 

      González-Cardoso, Patricia; Stoica, Anca-Lulia; Farràs, Pau; Pepiol, Ariadna; Viñas, Clara; Teixidor, Francesc (Wiley, 2010-04-21)
      The first artificially made set of electron acceptors is presented that are derived from a unique platform Cs[3,3′-Co(C2B9H11)2], for which the redox potential of each differs from its predecessor by a fixed amount. The ...
    • Controlling the pirouetting motion in rotaxanes by counterion exchange 

      Farràs, Pau; Escudero-Adán, Eduardo C.; Viñas, Clara; Teixidor, Francesc (American Chemical Society, 2014-07-25)
      A fine control of the pirouetting motion of rotaxanes was achieved by using a series of metallabisdicarbollides. The latter were used as anions in the protonated form of benzylic amide macrocycle-containing fumaramide ...
    • A convenient synthetic route to useful monobranched polyethoxylated halogen terminated [3,3 -Co(1,2-C2B9H11)2]- synthons 

      Farràs, Pau; Teixidor, Francesc; Sillanpää, Reijo; Viñas, Clara (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2009-11-15)
      An atom efficient and environmentally friendly route has been developed to obtain a new range of reagents in metallacarborane chemistry having monobranched polyethoxylated cobaltabisdicarbollide synthons.
    • A discrete P⋅⋅⋅I I⋅⋅⋅P assembly: the large influence of weak interactions on the 31P NMR Spectra of Phosphane–Diiodine Complexes 

      Nuñez, Rosario; Farràs, Pau; Teixidor, Francesc; Viñas, Clara; Sillanpää, Reijo; Kivekäs, Raikko (Wiley, 2006-02-06)
      Seeing I to I: The reaction of a weakly coordinating carboranyl phosphane ligand with I2 leads to the formation of an adduct containing the bridging P⋅⋅⋅I[BOND]I⋅⋅⋅P assembly in the solid state (see picture; I purple, P ...
    • From icosahedron to a plane flattening dodecaiodo-dodecaborate by successive stripping of iodine 

      Farràs, Pau; Vankova, Nina; Zeonjuk, Lei Liu; Warneke, Jonas; Dülcks, Thomas; Heine, Thomas; Viñas, Clara; Teixidor, Francesc; Gabel, Detlef (Wiley, 2012-09-07)
      It has been shown by electrospray ionization–ion-trap mass spectrometry that B12I122− converts to an intact B12 cluster as a result of successive stripping of single iodine radicals or ions. Herein, the structure and ...
    • Metallacarboranes as building blocks for polyanionic polyarmed aryl-ether materials 

      Farràs, Pau; Teixidor, Francesc; Kivekäs, Raikko; Sillanpää, Reijo; Viñas, Clara; Grüner, Bohumir; Cisarova, Ivana (American Chemical Society, 2008-09-20)
      Polyanionic species have been obtained in high yield by a new route in the ring-opening reaction of cyclic oxonium [3,3′-Co(8-C4H8O2-1,2-C2B9H10)(1′,2′-C2B9H11)] (2) by using carboxylic acids, Grignard reagents, and ...
    • Relaxed but highly compact diansa metallacyclophanes 

      Farràs, Pau; Teixidor, Francesc; Rojo, Isabel; Kivekäs, Raikko; Sillanpää, Reijo; González-Cardoso, Paul V.; Viñas, Clara (American Chemical Society, 2011-09-09)
      A series of monoansa [μ-1,1′-PR-3,3′-Co(1,2-C2B9H10)2]− and diansa [8,8′-μ-(1″,2″-benzene)-μ-1,1′-PR-3,3′-Co(1,2-C2B9H9)2]− (R = Ph, tBu) cobaltabisdicarbollidephanes have been synthesized, characterized and studied by ...
    • Surfactant behaviour of metallacarboranes. A study based on the electrolysis of water 

      Viñas, Clara; Tarrés, Màrius; González-Cardoso, Patricia; Farràs, Pau; Bauduin, Pierre; Teixidor, Francesc (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013-11-21)
      [3,3′-Co(1,2-C2B9H11)2]−, [1]−, and its chloroderivatives have been described as displaying surfactant/aggregation properties. We have studied their behaviour as electrolytes in the water electrolysis process. The electrolysis ...
    • Syntheses of C-substituted icosahedral dicarbaboranes bearing the 8-dioxane-cobalt bisdicarbollide moiety 

      Šícha, Václav; Farràs, Pau; Štíbr, Bohumil; Teixidor, Francesc; Grüner, Bohumir; Viñas, Clara (Elsevier, 2009-11-20)
      The treatment of 1,2-, 1,7- and 1,12-carbaborane lithiated isomers with [3,3′-Co-8-(CH2CH2O)2-(1,2-C2B9H10)-(1′,2′-C2B9H11)] (1) at molar ratios 1:1 or 1:2 at room temperature in THF leads generally to the formation of a ...
    • Towards the synthesis of high boron content polyanionic multicluster macromolecules 

      Farràs, Pau; Cioran, Ana Maria; Šícha, Václav; Teixidor, Francesc; Štíbr, Bohumil; Grüner, Bohumír; Viñas, Clara (American Chemical Society, 2009-07-31)
      Reported are further consequences of the dioxane ring-opening in [3,3’-Co(8-(CH2CH2O)2-1,2-C2B9H10)(1’,2’-C2B9H11)] [1] with twelve-vertex carborane mono- and dianions. The removal of one BH vertex from the 1,2-carborane ...
    • Unprecedented B―H activation through Pd catalysed B―Cvinyl bond coupling on borane systems 

      Farràs, Pau; Olid-Britos, David; Viñas, Clara; Teixidor, Francesc (Wiley, 2011-04-20)
      A Pd-induced cascade B–Cvinyl coupling that produces multiple B–Cvinyl bonds starting from a single B–I bond has been demonstrated. The process is most probably stimulated by the geometrical disposition of the B–H bonds ...
    • Widely applicable metallacarborane reagents for π-conjugated systems 

      Farràs, Pau; Musteti, Ana D.; Rojo, Isabel; Viñas, Clara; Teixidor, Francesc; Light, Mark E. (American Chemical Society, 2014-05-12)
      The compounds [N(CH3)4][3,3′-Co(8-(p-C6H4C2H3)-1,2-C2B9H10)(1′,2′-C2B9H11)], [N(CH3)4][3,3′-Co(8-(p-C6H4CHO)-1,2-C2B9H10)(1′,2′-C2B9H11)], and [N(CH3)4][3,3′-Co(8-(m-C6H4CHO)-1,2-C2B9H10)(1′,2′-C2B9H11)] were synthesized ...