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    • DNA binding, cleavage and cytotoxicity of a novel dimetallic Fe(III) triaza-cyclononane complex 

      Araujo, Thaylan Pinheiro; Gandin, Valentina; Kavanagh, Paul; Braude, Jeremy Phillip; Nodari, Luca; Montagner, Diego; Erxleben, Andrea (Elsevier, 2016-03-03)
      A novel bimetallic Fe(III) complex with the bis(triaza-cyclononane) ligand 2,6-bis(1,4,7-triazacyclonon-1-ylmethyl)-4-methylphenol (bcmp) is reported. [Fe-2(bcmp(-H))(mu-OH)Cl-2]Cl-2 (2) contains two octahedral Fe(III) ...