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  • Innovative initiatives: targeting the declining science enrollments in Ireland 

    Davison, Kevin; McCauley, Veronica; Sullivan, Kevin (The New Zealand Annual Review of Education, 2006)
    At the time of economic growth in Ireland, declining numbers of students enrolling in the sciences is emerging as an educational concern. Using a 2002 Government of Ireland commissioned report on science: The Task Force ...
  • Mapping protein architecture in centromeres of Equus asinus 

    Masterson, Teri Anne (2016-11-28)
    The centromere is a genetic locus present once per chromosome that specifies the site of kinetochore formation and is vital for chromosomal segregation. With the exception of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, whose ‘point’ ...
  • Regulation and assembly of the associated network in human cells 

    Quinn, Nadine (2011-10)
    Centromeres are the chromosomal loci which are responsible for the equal segregation of sister chromatids to daughter cells during mitosis, by directing the assembly of kinetochores. Despite being involved in the faithful ...