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  • A Highly Effective Gene Delivery Vector 

    Newland, Ben; Tai, Hongyun; Zheng, Yu; Velasco, Diego; Di Luca, Andrea; Howdle, Steven M.; Alexander, Cameron; Wang, Wenxin; Pandit, Abhay (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010-06)
    A hyperbranched 2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate (DMAEMA) based polymer has been synthesised by a one-pot in situ deactivation enhanced atom transfer radical polymerisation (DE-ATRP); it exhibits much higher transfection ...
  • Single Cyclized Molecule Structure from RAFT Homopolymerization of Multi-vinyl Monomers 

    Zheng, Yu; Newland, Ben; Pandit, Abhay; Wang, Wenxin (2012)
    We explore a kinetically controlled strategy to suppress the gelation in the homopolymerization of multi-vinyl monomers (MVMs) via RAFT polymerization. We report the generation of 3D single cyclized polymer structures from ...
  • Single Cyclized Molecule Versus Single Branched Molecule: A Simple and Efficient 3D "Knot" Polymer Structure for Nonviral Gene Delivery 

    Newland, Ben; Zheng, Yu; Jin, Yao; Abu-Rub, Mohammad; Cao, Hongliang; Wang, Wenxin; Pandit, Abhay (American Chemical Society, 2012-02-12)
    The large research effort focused on enhancing nonviral transfection vectors has clearly demonstrated that their macromolecular structure has a significant effect on their transfection efficacy. The 3D branched polymeric ...