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  • Erodibility of hill peat 

    Mulqueen, J.; Rodgers, M.; Marren, N.; Healy, Mark G. (Teagasc, 2006-06-30)
    The energy necessary to entrain soil in water depends on the soil strength. Once entrained, the settling velocity of the eroded soil in water is of fundamental importance to the processes of sediment transport and deposition. ...
  • Performance of a stratified sand filter in removal of chemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids and ammonia nitrogen from high-strength wastewaters. 

    Rodgers, M.; Mulqueen, J.; Healy, Mark G.; Rodgers, Michael (Journal of Environmental Management, 2007-06-01)
    A stratified sand filter column, operated in recirculation mode and treating synthetic effluent resembling high strength dairy wastewaters was studied over a 342 day duration. The aim of this paper was to examine the ...
  • Surface clogging in an intermittent stratified sand filter. 

    Rodgers, M.; Mulqueen, J.; Healy, Mark G. (Soil Science Society of America Journal, 2004-06-01)
    Accumulation of biomass and deposition of suspended solids at the surface of a sand filter can lead to clogging of the filter media. A laboratory intermittent sand filter column, which included 3 sand strata, was operated ...