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  • The diffusion of WOZ: expanding the topology of IS innovations 

    Costello, Gabriel (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006-12-05)
    The growth and diffusion of self-service technology (SST) over the last decade has resulted in an increasing number of business and government transactions being completed without human assistance. One innovation in this ...
  • Influence agenda setting through Twitter for health promotion 

    Albalawi, Yousef (2016-05-12)
    We are in what is known as the new media era, and it impacts all dimensions and aspects of people’s lives. Through advanced technology and the internet, new media continues evolving to change people’s lives so that they ...
  • The triple helix, open innovation and the DOI research agenda. 

    Costello, Gabriel; Donnellan, Brian (Springer Verlag, 2007-01-07)
    This paper examines the implications for research on the diffusion of innovations (DOI) arising from a growing body of literature in two related fields. The first area concerns the debate on the role of regional and national ...