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  • Evaluation of acridine in Nafion as a fluorescence-lifetime-based pH sensor 

    Ryder, Alan G.; Power, Sarah; Glynn, Thomas J. (2003)
    We report a novel fluorescence-lifetime-based pH sensing method that utilizes acridine incorporated into Nation (AcNaf) as the fluorescent indicator. The AcNaf sensor is excited using a 380 nm light emitting diode (LED) ...
  • Gamma-rays from the quasar PKS 1441+25: story of an escape 

    Connolly, M.P.; Gillanders, Gary; Lang, Mark (2015-12-20)
    Outbursts from gamma-ray quasars provide insights on the relativistic jets of active galactic nuclei and constraints on the diffuse radiation fields that fill the universe. The detection of significant emission above 100 ...