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    • Optical observations of psr j0205+6449 – the next optical pulsar? 

      Moran, P.; Mignani, R. P.; Collins, S.; de Luca, A.; Rea, N.; Shearer, A. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2013-09-20)
      PSR J0205+6449 is a young (similar to 5400 yr), Crab-like pulsar detected in radio and at X-ray and gamma-ray energies and has the third largest spin-down flux among known rotation-powered pulsars. It also powers a bright ...
    • Optical polarimetry of the inner crab nebula and pulsar 

      Moran, P.; Shearer, A.; Mignani, R. P.; Slowikowska, A.; De Luca, A.; Gouiffes, C.; Laurent, P. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2013-06-20)
      Time-resolved polarization measurements of pulsars offer a unique insight into the geometry of their emission regions. Such measurements provide observational constraints on the different models proposed for the pulsar ...