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    • Greenhouse gas measurements from a uk network of tall towers: technical description and first results 

      Stanley, Kieran M.; Grant, Aoife; O'Doherty, Simon; Young, Dickon; Manning, Alistair J.; Stavert, Ann R.; Spain, T. Gerard; Salameh, Peter K.; Harth, Christina M.; Simmonds, Peter G.; Sturges, William T.; Oram, David E.; Derwent, Richard G. (Copernicus GmbH, 2018-03-14)
      A network of three tall tower measurement stations was set up in 2012 across the United Kingdom to expand measurements made at the long-term background northern hemispheric site, Mace Head, Ireland. Reliable and precise ...
    • Physical exchanges at the air–sea interface: uk–solas field measurements 

      Brooks, Ian M.; Bloom, A. Anthony; Brooks, Barbara J.; Lingard, Justin J. N.; McQuaid, James B.; Norris, Sarah J.; Smith, Michael H.; Smith, Paul D.; Yelland, Margaret J.; Moat, Ben I.; Pascal, Robin W.; Prytherch, John; Srokosz, Meric; Taylor, Peter K.; Upstill-Goddard, Robert C.; Salter, Matt; Nightingale, Philip D.; Archer, Steve; Beale, Rachael; Dixon, Jo; Goldson, Laura; Hardman-Mountford, Nick; Liddicoat, Malcolm; Moore, Gerald; Stephens, John A.; d'Asaro, Eric; McNeil, Craig; Beatty, Cory; DeGrandpre, Michael; Blomquist, Byron; Huebert, Barry; Cluderay, John; Zemmelink, Henk; Coles, David; Hsueh, Ping-Chang; Leighton, Timothy G.; Dacey, John; Drennan, William M.; Rebozo, Mike; Sahlee, Erik; Gabriele, Joseph; Hill, Martin K.; Horn, Matt; De Leeuw, Gerrit; Neill, Craig; Skjelvan, Ingunn; O'Doherty, Simon; Walsh, Roisin; Young, Dickon; Schuster, Ute; Telszewski, Maciej; Slagter, Hans; Ward, Brian; Woolf, David K. (American Meteorological Society, 2009-05-01)
      As part of the U. K. contribution to the international Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study, a series of three related projects-DOGEE, SEASAW, and HiWASE-undertook experimental studies of the processes controlling the ...