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    • Parp-1 protects homologous recombination from interference by ku and ligase iv in vertebrate cells 

      Hochegger, Helfrid; Dejsuphong, Donniphat; Fukushima, Toru; Morrison, Ciaran; Sonoda, Eiichiro; Schreiber, Valérie; Zhao, Guang Yu; Saberi, Alihossein; Masutani, Mitsuko; Adachi, Noritaka; Koyama, Hideki; de Murcia, Gilbert; Takeda, Shunichi (Wiley-Blackwell, 2006-02-23)
      Parp-1 and Parp-2 are activated by DNA breaks and have been implicated in the repair of DNA single-strand breaks (SSB). Their involvement in double-strand break (DSB) repair mediated by homologous recombination (HR) or ...