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    • A comparative review of fisheries management experiences in the european union and in other countries worldwide: iceland, australia, and new zealand 

      Marchal, Paul; Andersen, Jesper Levring; Aranda, Martin; Fitzpatrick, Mike; Goti, Leyre; Guyader, Olivier; Haraldsson, Gunnar; Hatcher, Aaron; Hegland, Troels Jacob; Le Floc'h, Pascal; Macher, Claire; Malvarosa, Loretta; Maravelias, Christos D; Mardle, Simon; Murillas, Arantza; Nielsen, J Rasmus; Sabatella, Rosaria; Smith, Anthony D M; Stokes, Kevin; Thoegersen, Thomas; Ulrich, Clara (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016-02-06)
      This study compares the details and performance of fisheries management between the EU and a selection of other countries worldwide: Iceland, New Zealand, and Australia, which are considered in many respects to be among ...