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    • Engineering a therapeutic lectin by uncoupling mitogenicity from antiviral activity 

      Swanson, Michael D.; Salmon, L.; Chugh, J.; Winter, H. C.; Meagher, J. L.; André, S.; Murphy, Paul V.; Oscarson, S.; Roy, R.; King, S.; Kaplan, M. H.; Goldstein, I. J.; Tarbet, E. B.; Hurst, B. L.; Smee, D. F.; de la Fuente, C.; Hoffmann, H. H.; Xue, Y.; Rice, C. M.; Schols, D.; Garcia, J. V.; Stuckey, J. A.; Gabius, H. J.; Al-Hashimi, H. M.; Markovitz, D. M.; Boudreaux, Daniel M. (Elsevier, 2015-10-22)
      A key effector route of the Sugar Code involves lectins that exert crucial regulatory controls by targeting distinct cellular glycans. We demonstrate that a¿¿single amino-acid substitution in a banana lectin, replacing ...