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    • An anatomically accurate dielectric profile of the porcine kidney 

      Salahuddin, Saqib; La Gioia, Alessandra; Shahzad, Atif; Elahi, Muhammad Adnan; Kumar, Arun; Kilroy, David; Porter, Emily; O'Halloran, Martin (IOP Publishing, 2018-02-07)
      Microwave ablation is a promising treatment for kidney cancer. Accurate knowledge of the dielectric properties of biological tissues is vital for quantifying the safety, reliability and accuracy of ablation, among other ...
    • Open-ended coaxial probe technique for dielectric measurement of biological tissues: challenges and common practices 

      La Gioia, Alessandra; Porter, Emily; Merunka, Ilja; Shahzad, Atif; Salahuddin, Saqib; Jones, Marggie; O’Halloran, Martin (MDPI AG, 2018-06-05)
      Electromagnetic (EM) medical technologies are rapidly expanding worldwide for both diagnostics and therapeutics. As these technologies are low-cost and minimally invasive, they have been the focus of significant research ...